It has been quite a while.

Handknit in Donegal Soft.
Handknit in Donegal Soft.

It has been quite a while since I blogged and also since I started this tea cosy which has become the bane of my life!  A few weeks ago Therese at Knit and Make (Rathmines) and I were discussing Tea Cosies.  I told her I had a perfect pattern for a traditional tea cosy and would run one up for her.    Ten minutes after starting work on it I remembered why I don’t like making them.   It is fiddly messy and very SLOW.  So finally three weeks later and several cowls and hats in between I gave myself a severe talking to a spent almost a whole day finishing the second half.

Was it worth the effort?  Yes absolutely – this is a great tea cosy.  The double layer of yarn – wrapping over at the back – makes it ideal for keeping the pot warm.  I may have to buy a bigger tea pot to fill this one.  So there it is –  pattern from patons can be found here  I used Donegal Soft about 75 grms of each colour.

I met Marie this morning and was showing her the two completed pieces and having a moan about how long it had taken me to get that far –  she is in the same situation with one of these for her brother.  So for all you knitters stuck on one of these – just get on with it – it will be worth the effort.