Dublin has a yarn festival – this weekend saw the first Dublin wool festival and it was wonderful.  Big congratulations to all involved.

IMG_0011 (1)

I managed to spend a couple of hours there on Saturday and it was heaven , yarn fumes and like minded people, what more could any knitter want.    Determined to do minimum damage to the credit card I brought along some Scottish Sterling notes (left over from Edinburgh Yarn Festival)  that our bank did not wish to take.  Ysolda was happy to repatriate the notes for me.

There were so many talented dyers it was hard to make a choice and you could fill a van with everything that caught your eye.  I settled on two beautiful and muted skeins of sock yarn from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns – Mudder’s milk and Raincloud.  Gamer Crafting is another dyer that really calls to me – I bought two skeins of loud and vibrant sock yarn – Draoi and Michael Burnham.  Finally I stopped by This is Knit to pick up some Darnie -the new studio Donegal 4 ply 100% lambswool yarn in light blue and teal.  No plans yet on what these lovlies will grow into.

I have a have a yearning to do some fairisle and spotted the lovely Melanie Ware wearing this fairisle vest – her own design.  It was stunning – bought the pattern when I got home.   Link to Lough Shore pattern page: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lough-shore    Need to get a wriggle on and  finish two test knits so I can get started.

Melanie Ware

Fingers and toes crossed Woollin will become an annual event.


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