Colour Affection – Edinburgh Knitting

IMG_0003 (6)When getting organised for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival one of the most important considerations is what knitting to bring.  It must be easy enough to knit and chat and not require constant pattern checking.  Some of the venues for knit nights are not well lit and several glasses would be raised so a pattern that requires minimun tinking the next day was essential.

I opted for Colour Affection –  Kathy from Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh told me this is one of the first patterns to be published on Ravelry.  With over 15, 800 projects it is very popular and having completed one I can see why.

This is an easy knit and with the right colour combination you can produce a stunning shawl that is a great size and easy to wear.  This was a quick knit – just checking my notes I started on March 10th and finished on 22nd.   Taking into account there was some festival knitting and a long weekend between those dates that is not bad.

Colour Affection is a simple garter stitch shawl with short row shaping and would be a great beginners shawl.  I was worried when knitting that it would be more scarf proportions than shawl but once I soaked it and started to block, it relaxed out to a good size.

I used a combination two shades of blue and a dusty pink – I am not a fan of pink but it worked well in this combination.   I used drops alpaca – shade 6834 that has pink and lighter blue highlights and then complemented it with shade 6309 a lighter blue and pink shade 3770.  This combination worked well together and the result was a nicely blended, warm toned, feminine shawl.

For inspiration on colours you should check out the pattern page – the possibilities are endless.

IMG_0002 (9)




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