Back to school means ….costume making.


As we near the dreaded back to school day we are already looking forward to Halloween.  This is a big event in our house and it takes place over mid-term so a great time to focus on for students struggling to get back into school life.   My daughter is once again making a costume – this means I am usually heavily involved and my non existent sewing skills are put to the test.

This year it will be a Snow White costume – there is a definite princess theme here – last year it was Cinderella.  Buying fabrics for such big dresses is quite expensive so we decided to go with some upholstery fabric – as this out fit will possibly be worn once.

I knew there was a fabric outlet in Newbridge and had heard rave reviews about prices and range and so we headed out.    It was fabulous – a huge range of fabrics at €4.99 a metre and a serious amount at €2 a metre.

This is a great outlet with lots of choice – but operates on a cash only basis so go prepared.

We found all the colours we needed and got lots – just in case.  Since then we have been considering an Assasins Creed outfit for my son so it looks like another trip is in order.



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