Where did it all go wrong

Mittens are one of my favourite things to knit – they are quick, portable and using colour work are very colourful.   I have been a member of the I Make Mittens group on Ravelry  since December 2013 and over the years have made several pairs however this all came to an abrupt halt in January 2016.   I was working on a mitten KAL and messed up really badly – so the project ended up being iced.

IMG_0006 (1)

I decided it was time to get my mitten mojo back – and while on the hunt for needles for the I Make Mittens July KAL came accross the iced project.  It was also a KAL and it is a lovely pattern Mosaikk http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mosaikk.  As I may have mentioned before I hate having abandoned projects so I decided to try and see where it all went wrong.  After re-printing the clues and checking and double checking I figured out the problem.    When you are working on a KAL the clues come every couple of days – so you are working on several pages sequentially.  When you are working on a colourwork item the combinations will change with each new piece of the KAL.  My problems arose when I didn’t remember the what colour was cc1, cc2 etc and I worked away on the wrong combination.  I had gotten all the thumb increases in on one mitten before I realised this.

The upside to this problem was I have started the July KAL and was very careful to lay out a sheet with the details and keep it to the top of the pattern pages so I won’t make the mistake again.


IMG_0003 (2)

The Mosaikk mittens – well I have knit the corrected colours on the second mitten (mitten on right in photograph) and todays job is to rip back the first mitten and fix.  Lesson learned and my Mitten Mojo has returned.







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