Never too late to learn something new



Test knits can really surprise you.   The knitting community on Ravelry are very generous and when time and stash allows I give back by taking on a test knit.   One of my recent projects was a lovely colour work hat designed by Anja who designs the loveliest colour work mittens and hats.

IMG_0003 (2)

The pattern features a series of tucks at the brim of the hat – they look really cute in co-ordinating colours.  The technique for casting on for the tucks was new to me – it was a provisional cast on that used two needles.  One needle is kept live until you are ready to complete tuck.  After a little bit of fiddling I got the hang of the technique and it worked really well to create a neat finish.  The Nut-Hap pattern is on my virtual to do list and I think I will get to use this technique again on a much larger scale.

So back to the Wagtail test knit –  I knit the mans size – the pattern was very well laid out and there is an explanation of the cast on, the design is really cute and worked well in my chosen yarns and the bonus was my husband and son were happy to model for me.  So success all round for a lovely colour work hat that appeals to all ages.











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