Stash Busting and planning

With the Edinburgh yarn festival now two weeks away it was time to make some hard decisions.  I had to take a look at my stash and make some sacrifices to make space for lots of lovely new yarn/

I spent some time last week deciding on what I could part with and re-discovering some lovely yarns that are just waiting to be used.  I have a really bad habit of “saving” yarns for something special.  When in reality everything we knit is something special.

Finally I came up with some yarn to be donated to our local charity shop – not as much as I had hoped.  The next issue was to use up some of the lovelies – I reviewed my ravelry queue and listed a number of shawls I want to knit.    I then needed to identify the best choices for social knitting.

It looks like the Edinburgh festival will be very social and too much lace work is not a good idea so I decided on Drachenfels   and On the Spice Market  Both these shawls have lots of garter stitch and use multiple colours – great for using up small quantities of really nice yarn.


This lovely rose bouquet was the inspiration for my spice market shawl which will probably be more of a fruit market colour palette.  All the shawls are now set up and ready to go – roll on Edinburgh.


One thought on “Stash Busting and planning

  1. Love the way you chose the shades – matching to the bouquet . Funny how we have all subsciously done something like this. Currently knitting something that matches my sofa – even funnier when I photographed it with my cat next to it – matches the cat too! Bizarre!

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