Seam Free Baby Cardigans


Like most knitters I am asked to knit baby cardigans frequently.  It is one of my least favourite things to do.  There are a couple reasons for this – one is yarn.  Most mums like a yarn that can be thrown into the washing machine a couple of times a week and that will dry quickly – unfortunately this means a synthetic.  When my daughter was born I was gifted a set of cardigans and they were lovely but 100% acrylic – the midwife joked that I would be looking at them for a long time as they would grow with her – how right she was.

I found that in the early days when you have a baby and are not getting out much it is easier to keep them in a baby grow and cardigan rather than struggling to put them into dresses, tights etc. and then change them what seems like every five minutes.  Practicality won out for me and I am sure lots of other mums.

Another reason for my dislike of baby cardigans is the sewing up on these tiny little items – that issue is a little easier to deal with.  So when work colleague of my husband asked if I would knit a cardigan I jumped at the opportunity to look at patterns and stash dive.   In my mind I wanted a V-neck cardigan that was seamless with raglan sleeves – I found one.  This lovely pattern  F595 Baby Cardigan by Vanessa Ewing – link here:

It is knit bottom up and was perfect – the only little bit of sewing is tidying up under the arms.  The pattern comes in 3 sizes 0-3, 6 – 12 and 18- 24.  The shaping on this cardigan was much better than some of the top down cardigans I have knit.  The first cardigan was the largest size (photo above) in King Cole Cotton and Bamboo.  This particular yarn was bought on sale and was languishing in my stash.  It is generously sized and I was happy with the result.  I decided then to make the second size as I know an acrylic is easier to manage washing and drying and it was fine.  Some funky football buttons really helped finish it nicely and the pattern around the yoke looks a lot better in a solid.

What I have since discovered is the request was for a new baby that is not yet born and not the one year old I presumed it was for.  So I guess I am off to knit the smallest size now.



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