Miss Marple Scarf and Raspberry Beret

Miss Marple Scarf

A recent bout of flu left me sitting on the sofa watching Miss Marple re-runs.  Just the kind of mindless tv you need when you  are under the weather.  I was scrutinizing all the lovely costumes and then a cute little wrap over scarf caught my attention,  I had some really nice drips brushed alpaca silk lying around and I decided it was the perfect yarn.

A quick search on Ravelry turned up a few patterns but nothing just right for this yarn and as usual I cannot leave a good pattern alone – I just had to tweak and change to suit my yarn and also my notion that the loop was just not working.  Finally finished I am happy with the result.  This will be great for the knitting class in September – I just need to re-do and make a pattern out of my very hard to read notes.

Miss Marple 054

So with the scarf completed what next – a little raspberry beret to complement the scarf of course.  Other than casting on 130 stitches (I think!)  I am not sure what happened next – another rework.


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