Knitting Mojo – where did it go?


Fireball Baby Blanket


For most of January my knitting mojo was missing.  I wondered if I left if somewhere or if it had just gone on holidays.  Struggling to finish something, anything or work up some enthusiasm for new projects was miserable.  Perhaps this was the result of doing too much in the run up to Christmas I don’t know but the annual January mitten fest was a bust for me.


So in desperation I went stash diving to see if one of those special yarns I was saving up would inspire me to get moving again.  I found a lovely Piratenwolle yarn and was inspired – it really flew off the needles and I thoroughly enjoyed the colours and the simple pattern.  The result is “Fireball” a lovely baby blanket in shades or red, orange, grey and black.  I am so happy with the result and it is destined for a lovely mum to be.


So now that I am back in form I have finished my falling leaves gloves (on the needles since September) and lots of baby blankets beckon. knitting mojo 007


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