Stash Control

Tivoli Colour Blend Aran

One of my many plans for the summer was to get my stash under control and figure out just how much yarn I have hidden all over the house and try and reduce this as much as possible either by knitting or gifting or throwing out.

In July I finally got around to listing my stash on Ravelry, I had resisted doing this for a long time as it felt a lot like a confession, admitting to having a far bigger stash than I was prepared to admit to. To be honest I didn’t see the point in listing all the yarns but in a frenzy of trying to get organised for the winter I pushed on and got the camera out. In three sessions I photographed most of my stash and got it listed. I still have some cones and bit and bobs to think about and make decisions on – so about 92% done.

Now that I am organised I can absolutely see the value in having my stash organised and detailed. I don’t have to keep yarn bands any longer. I can browse colours and combinations without having to unpack and I “found” some little gems I had forgotten about.

One particular little gem was a bag of Tivoli colour blend aran – a yarn that has been discontinued. This is a lovely yarn that I had obviously been waiting for the right pattern to come along.

Now that I was in the mood I decided it was time to list my patterns and books in my Ravelry Library and when doing this I found the inspiration for the perfect pattern to match this long forgotten yarn.

The result is a cool little textured beanie and so far I have knit three – and they are now on sale in my Zibbet store here:

As Zibbet has just relaunched I am having a sale – 25% off – need to make lots of room for my stash enhancing that will no doubt follow a good tidy up.


Black and Green Blend Textured Slouchy

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