A little Slouchy, Slouchy and Seriously Slouchy.

Seriously Slouchy
Seriously Slouchy


I have been looking at some slouchy hat patterns – part of the dozen hats group on Ravelry – this month there were two really nice slouchy patterns Kopernikus  and Yarnster – links below.   Having done a little stash diving I came up with two yarns that might be suitable – on a yarn diet at the moment and trying desperately to stash down. Having said that I am working on some sock KALs and just don’t have the right yarns – will have to put my stash up on Ravelry so that I have a better idea of what I do have – another summer project



But I digress – so working on these patters I remembered a half-finished beret that I had lounging in my wip basket.  This is based on a pattern I devised for my handspun yarn so I decided to dust it off and finish it.  One day I will get around to writing up this patter in a format that is readable.  It is knit in Donegal soft and it was a relief to finally get it off the needles.

So the results were Kopernikus was only slightly slouchy, Yarnster was nicely slouchy and my Donegal Soft – Seriously Slouchy.


Slightly Slouchy

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