Gigantosauros Hands


Teeny Tiny Circulars

In an effort to improve my colour work mittens I purchased two pairs of addi 20cm circulars – one 2.00mm and one 2.5mm. I really like Hippocampus by Tori Steierstad (link here and felt that the tension and colours in my last attempt did not do this lovely pattern justice. So I decided to try again with the new needles.

Progress has been slow – tension is much improved – however it is very slow and very very small. Another problem is everytime I pick them up a voice in my head says GIGANTOSAURUS! Obviously I watched way to much Ben 10 with my son when he was younger! So for the moment I will persevere with my gigantosaurus hands and hope I can find a more comfortable way of using them.

Hippocampus 1Knittingmonday 011



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