New year Challenge – Stranded Mittens

Clue one Completed
Clue one Completed

Once the dust settled and school started it is time to think about a challenge for the new year – for me this will be stranded knitting.  I have joined a KAL and am participating in NaKniMitMo.  All new to me.

Torirot Mystery Mittens January 2014 is the KAL and the link is here  So far we are three clues in  – I am definately at the back of the field on this one but have completed the cuffs for both mittens. 

Before the KAL started I also decided to get some practice in on a simpler pattern (less colours) and went with Freja by Emily Pettersson

I am finding both very slow going but learing lots and not too much ripping back!

So NaKniMitMo – January is National Knit Mittens Month – who knew!  The lovely folks at  – i make mittens are hosting this celebration along with their new year party.   Getting lots of help and also lots of inspiration my favourites list is expanding daily.

Yarn diet – I have to stash down seriously this year and have a huge collection of sock wool so I see a lot of shawls and mittens in my future.


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