Xmas Decorations Competition

Handknit Christmas Tree Wall hanging.
Handknit Christmas Tree Wall hanging.

Dawanda is running an Xmas Decoration Competition and I decided to enter.  I never enter competitions and I thought it might be fun to great the creative juices flowing and try something different.  The result is this cute handknit Christmas Tree.

Handknit in lovely Donegal soft – I had lots of bits of different colours lying around – perfect for the bobbles.   So I started at the bottom were the red tub is and did a standard sock toe and then increased.  The tree is plain at the back and all the bobbles are at the front.  It was then a process of increasing and decreasing while at the same time putting the coloured bobbles in.  I really enjoyed making the tree and there were only a few rip backs.  Once  I was happy with the shaping I darned in all the ends – there were a lot – all those little bobbles.

Then came a major leap of faith – time to felt.  I needed to felt the tree to be sure it would hold its shape for years to come. This is where it all could have gone wrong – but luck was on my side and it came out still holding a good shape.  After drying I struggled to find a star, any I knit were too big.  Eventually after a considerable rummage in my bead box I found the perfect star – a lovely shell flower – perfect size.  It really shines against the yarn.

I have had numerous requests to write up the pattern – that might take a while as I will have to reknit to be sure I get it right.  Would a monochrome tree look good – shades of grey, black and white.


So the competition Entrys are all now up here  https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.717553821589789.1073741827.147837338561443&type=1/
I would love some support.

Merry Christmas.


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