Simple Ribbed Shrug

After many requests I am posting instructions for this great little shrug.  The origins of this I am not certain about – I certainly would not claim it as my own.  It was given to me a long time ago – at least 15 years and I have adapted the basic concept several times to suit yarns available. 

This version is knit in the lovely Donegal Heather Aran weight Wool. 

This is a very simple pattern that looks spectacular when made up – the ribbing makes it quite fitted in the back and gives a lovely shape to the wearer.  It is suitable for most shapes and sizes.

Instructions  -Materials – 5mm needles and 500 grms aran weight yarn.This shrug is knit in a T shape with ribbing created by alternating knit and purl rows.

 All Sizes  – cast on 45 stitches work as follows: 

Row 1    knit       

Row 2    purl

Row 3    knit

Row 4    knit

Row 5    purl

Row 6    knit

These 6 rows make up the pattern and should be repeated until work measures:

 Small   – 12 inches,     Medium – 14 inches,     Large – 16 inches.

Cast on an additional 45 stitches you should now have 90 stitches on your needle.  Work until this piece measures 14 inches (for all sizes).  This is the back panel.

Cast off  45 stitches ( these are the stitches you cast on for back panel)  and work until final piece measures.  

Small   – 12 inches,     Medium – 14 inches,     Large – 16 inches.

Lay the shrug down flat in a T- shape. 

Fold in two side panels as shown:

Fold up bottom part of back panel

You are now ready to Stitch up seams – by stitching cast on edge to edge of back panel and cast off edge to other side of back panel.  So to be absolutely clear – where the yarn ends are hanging out – you stitch from that along the edge of the back panel.

Darn in ends.  You are now ready to go.


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