Back in Action

I just checked my blog – feeling very bad about how long it has been – over a year.  How did that Happen?  

Believe it or not life – and very little free time.  Having spent the last year working in my local yarn store I have come to the conclusion it is not for me.  I had a good year but had very little time to work on my own designs and experiment.    So I finished up and am now beavering away on lots of new projects.

So a quick glimpse of what’s new.

Still searching for the perfect hat  – the cable beanies are quite cool.  Named the greenwater hat after recent surfing expeditions and also the colours these are very popular for windswept heads.

Sock wool scarves – on a mission to use up a very large stash. 

New shape 3 button scarf – new pattern for knitting class – need something quick and funky.


One thought on “Back in Action

  1. Oooh, you’ve got some beauties there Ms!

    I never got to see you in your LYS habitat unfortunately but who knows, I may well see you at a market or two soon, non?


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