Hat of the Week


So finally this one is finsihed.  I have to be honest I underestimated how easy it would be to convert one of my patterns for handspun wool into commercially available wool.  It took a lot of knitting ripping and re-knitting before I was happy with the outcome.  

Some compromises had to be made – here is one of my original hats in handspun.  

Handspun Handknit Viking Hat


 So the main problem was I had to stick rigidly to a pattern and a limited amount of yarn.  I was determined to keep the hat within two balls of yarn to keep the costs down and minimise waste.   

Viking Hat in Handspun wool


  I wanted to keep the funky shape and not loose the key elements of the design but had restricted my options by using a limited amount of yarn.  So the big change was the horns.  I had to start the horns in the dark colour and finish in light to ensure there was sufficient to complete the hat.   Not a bad compromise.  

This is probably one of the first viking hats I made and I think the new version measures up to the original.  This pattern is available on Etsy.  

Handknit in handspun wool - white and dark jacob


So for my next project I am going to take it a little bit easier and work on a simple pattern using only commercially available yarn.


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