Fun and daftness at Bloom.

June Bank holiday weekend in Dublin it has to be bloom.   I spent some time there on Friday and Sunday on Spinning demo duty.  Great fun.   Friday was glorious – sunny warm and lots of great people about.   

Sunday was daft – lots of rain and daftness about – as a spinner you get pretty fed up of people singing “mellow the moonlight” or whatever that horrid spinning song is sung at you.  It must have been the rain soaking into peoples heads.

Got to spin some lovely alpaca  yarn courtesy of John Kavanagh – who has the cleanest alpacas and best behaved alpacas ever.  When asked would I like to spin some freshly cut alpaca I was a bit worried.  My last encounter with freshly cut fleece was messy, smelly and not to be repeated.  I am sure my hesitation and face said it all.

As I have already mentioned John has the cleanest and best behaved alpacas – so it was all wonderful – soft yarn, slightly dusty and very easy to spin.  I think they might take dust baths (like sparrows) and they are so far off the ground they a lot cleaner than sheep.

 Planning a visit as soon as the kinder finish school – will definately be stocking up on alpacca fleece.

Herds in the sun


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