Its been a while

Disaster after disaster – I have been missing for several weeks due to a number of ridiculous situations.    Meningitis was the first and that necessitated a hospital stay –  however this did not slow me down.  After the initial really horrible days I  used the quiet time to come up with a new loose knit beret pattern.

Fast forward two weeks and running down the stairs to answer the phone at 7:30 am (not the best  idea when half asleep) I slipped and cracked my tail bone.  This has slowed me down considerably – sitting, spinning and driving the car have been major ordeals.   I can’t believe it is taking so long to heal.  The lovely Maeve has suggested some homoeopathic remedies and they seem to be helping so hopefully can take the cushion off the car seat this week.

The not so lovely Margaret (bit of a fatalist)  has decided to avoid me as she believes my time is up and I should get my affairs in order (like that will ever happen) and does not want to be around for an even bigger event – she might be collateral damage – such a pessimist.

Recent events have made it impossible to do the Cows Lane Market  and I  had to pull out of that.   Good news from all this is I now have a note-book full of new ideas and hope to get cracking on that soon.

So back to the new open knit beret – I have been testing this out to see how flexible this pattern is.  I believe it is a good pattern if it adapts well to different yarns so  far I have tried the following and one more still on the needles.


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