Colour Affection – Edinburgh Knitting

IMG_0003 (6)When getting organised for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival one of the most important considerations is what knitting to bring.  It must be easy enough to knit and chat and not require constant pattern checking.  Some of the venues for knit nights are not well lit and several glasses would be raised so a pattern that requires minimun tinking the next day was essential.

I opted for Colour Affection –  Kathy from Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh told me this is one of the first patterns to be published on Ravelry.  With over 15, 800 projects it is very popular and having completed one I can see why.

This is an easy knit and with the right colour combination you can produce a stunning shawl that is a great size and easy to wear.  This was a quick knit – just checking my notes I started on March 10th and finished on 22nd.   Taking into account there was some festival knitting and a long weekend between those dates that is not bad.

Colour Affection is a simple garter stitch shawl with short row shaping and would be a great beginners shawl.  I was worried when knitting that it would be more scarf proportions than shawl but once I soaked it and started to block, it relaxed out to a good size.

I used a combination two shades of blue and a dusty pink – I am not a fan of pink but it worked well in this combination.   I used drops alpaca – shade 6834 that has pink and lighter blue highlights and then complemented it with shade 6309 a lighter blue and pink shade 3770.  This combination worked well together and the result was a nicely blended, warm toned, feminine shawl.

For inspiration on colours you should check out the pattern page – the possibilities are endless.

IMG_0002 (9)






Another lovely shawl from Moody Knitter Design.  Brezza (link  is an asymetrical shawl with an interesting textured pattern.

I was delighted to test knit this lovely shawl – Stella’s patterns are well written and very easy to follow.


I used drops alpaca and some lightly spun yarn from yoeman yarns that has been in my stash forever.  Very happy with the result and this beauty has been worn a lot over the last month or two.  I took it to Edinburgh and recently to Strandhill (Sligo).  It is a firm favourite as the colour works well with my winter jacket and it is just the right size to be snuggly and warm without creating too much bulk.

Cannot post without mentioning my Costa stylist and knitting buddy Orla – thank you for photos and styling.



January was a busy month with lots happening and lots of knits finished and worn.   I finished a pair of Podster Gloves for my son.  They are a little on the big side but he is still growing and I imagine by next winter they will be just right.   The yarn was  Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima that has been in my stash for a very long time.   We were in Barcelona in All you knit is love in April 2012 when Owen picked out the yarn.

Podster is a nice pattern that is easy to follow and the result was a very nice pair of mittens.  The only down side is the amount ends to be darned in around the fingers -however if you are as terrible as I am at picking up stitches there was plenty of gaps to be filled in so it worked out well   Here is the link:



First Project Completed 2018

This lovely pattern is Intimate Cordoba designed by Stella Egidi.  Knit in Drops Alpaca Colour 4400 Lila a rich dark purple. Available on Raverly – pattern link :

This is the second test knit I have done for Stella, a very talented designer based in Rome who has fantastic selection of patterns that have been test knit by Ravelry members.

This crescent shaped shawl features two panels of garter stitch and a centre lace panel with a pretty lace border.  One of the test knitters added beads to the border, a really pretty addition to this feminine shawl.

Back to school means ….costume making.


As we near the dreaded back to school day we are already looking forward to Halloween.  This is a big event in our house and it takes place over mid-term so a great time to focus on for students struggling to get back into school life.   My daughter is once again making a costume – this means I am usually heavily involved and my non existent sewing skills are put to the test.

This year it will be a Snow White costume – there is a definite princess theme here – last year it was Cinderella.  Buying fabrics for such big dresses is quite expensive so we decided to go with some upholstery fabric – as this out fit will possibly be worn once.

I knew there was a fabric outlet in Newbridge and had heard rave reviews about prices and range and so we headed out.    It was fabulous – a huge range of fabrics at €4.99 a metre and a serious amount at €2 a metre.

This is a great outlet with lots of choice – but operates on a cash only basis so go prepared.

We found all the colours we needed and got lots – just in case.  Since then we have been considering an Assasins Creed outfit for my son so it looks like another trip is in order.


Days out in Dublin – Ardgillan Castle



Over the August Bank Holiday weekend we had a great family day out at Ardgillan Castle.   This is a beautiful  country house in Balbriggan and is set in the 200-acre (0.81 km2) of Ardgillan Demesne.  The building overlooks Barnageera Beach, the Irish Sea and Balbriggan.

It has been a long time since we visited Ardgillan and my memories are of family days out with mum snaffling bits and pieces of plants to make cuttings from.  We were blessed with fabulous weather and to be honest didn’t do as much as we intended.  The gardens were glorious and that was where most of our time was spent.  Awash with colour, butterflies and bees there was lots of inspiration for colour combinations that will cheer up dreary winter days.


I imagine there is a very big garden team that keeps everything looking fantastic.  I was surprised to see so many lilies and hard to grow plants thriving.

The children’s playground is well worth a visit and the Dog friendly café was a wonderful and inexpensive end to our day.   Hopefully next time we will have a look inside the house – but hoping for a wet rainy day for that.

Mittens – two at a time or one at a time.

July has been a great month for knitting – lots of items off the needles and some projects that were sitting on the naughty step have been resurrected and sorted out.  I joined a Mystery Mitten KAL in the I Make Mittens group on Ravelry and completed a pair and in between clues worked on an old wip – Mosaic mittens and also completed them.


The pair on the left were made using the two at a time method and the pair on the right one at a time.  I think there is a big difference in terms of tension and quality of knitting stitches.   The two at a time pair are quite uneven and the join is noticeable.


This month I am hoping to complete or at least start another two pairs and this time I think I will go down a needle size for the two at a time and see if this helps.  Also this month the patterns will be nowhere near as busy with only two colours in use.  This will also mean less darning in of ends always a good thing.