Miss Marple Scarf and Raspberry Beret

Miss Marple Scarf

A recent bout of flu left me sitting on the sofa watching Miss Marple re-runs.  Just the kind of mindless tv you need when you  are under the weather.  I was scrutinizing all the lovely costumes and then a cute little wrap over scarf caught my attention,  I had some really nice drips brushed alpaca silk lying around and I decided it was the perfect yarn.

A quick search on Ravelry turned up a few patterns but nothing just right for this yarn and as usual I cannot leave a good pattern alone – I just had to tweak and change to suit my yarn and also my notion that the loop was just not working.  Finally finished I am happy with the result.  This will be great for the knitting class in September – I just need to re-do and make a pattern out of my very hard to read notes.

Miss Marple 054

So with the scarf completed what next – a little raspberry beret to complement the scarf of course.  Other than casting on 130 stitches (I think!)  I am not sure what happened next – another rework.

Knitting Mojo – where did it go?


Fireball Baby Blanket


For most of January my knitting mojo was missing.  I wondered if I left if somewhere or if it had just gone on holidays.  Struggling to finish something, anything or work up some enthusiasm for new projects was miserable.  Perhaps this was the result of doing too much in the run up to Christmas I don’t know but the annual January mitten fest was a bust for me.


So in desperation I went stash diving to see if one of those special yarns I was saving up would inspire me to get moving again.  I found a lovely Piratenwolle yarn and was inspired – it really flew off the needles and I thoroughly enjoyed the colours and the simple pattern.  The result is “Fireball” a lovely baby blanket in shades or red, orange, grey and black.  I am so happy with the result and it is destined for a lovely mum to be.


So now that I am back in form I have finished my falling leaves gloves (on the needles since September) and lots of baby blankets beckon. knitting mojo 007

Janu-beary update



Wonky, wobbly and weird
Wonky, wobbly and weird

I have finished my tiger.  I am relieved that it is done as this project has shown me that I have no talent for making toys.

This is no reflection on the wonderful design –  Gregory Patrick I am in awe of your skill in making bears.

My little guy is wonky, wobbly and weird looking – I am sure my son will love him.  I enjoyed the process, learnt quite a bit as this was well outside my comfort zone.  Really hoping my daughter doesn’t want one.

tiger 002





January knitting for me usually involves mittens – it is after all Mitten knitting month or naknimitmo,  I have some falling leaves mittens on my needles since September and am struggling to find some quiet time to finish them off – charts require a lot of concentration.

Being easily distracted I could not resist this lovely Tiger Pattern from Patrick Gregory http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tigers-are-for-cuddling.  So after some stash diving I came up with the perfect yarns – mainly from scraps and started – progress so far is good – but fiddly on to the body now and things are moving a little faster.

If you are looking for something fun and fantastic why not join  Patrick and Knit a Tiger.

Button Bobbins

Buttonnuthin – Up and Running.

Button Bobbins
Button Bobbins

Finally getting settled after Christmas – lovely to have routine again.  Children are praying for some serious snow and some snow days off school.

My new Etsy Shop is up and running and orders are starting to flood in!  I have a great new range of pony tail holders and hairbands – amazing what you can do with some funky buttons.

Stop by and say hello https://www.etsy.com/shop/Buttonnuthin

Buttonnuthin – a term of Endearment


Purple Heart Button Brooch

I have a serious addition to buttons – can’t seem to pass up buying pretty, quirky or unusual buttons.  I think this could stem from hours playing with my granny’s button tin as a child.   We would take down the treasured box and spend hours playing on the floor.  The possibilities were endless!

Over the past few years I have accumulated quite a stash so after opening a destash shop which has helped I decided it was time to get creative with my buttons.  The result is my new Etsy Shop  – https://www.etsy.com/shop/Buttonnuthin.  So far I have managed to make and photograph some button brooches, I had forgotten how much fun this was.  Still working on drafts of some pictures and lots of other things to numerous to mention and all still swirling around in my head.


flower banner



Light and Airy Wrap

Christmas Knitting for beginners

In the run up to Christmas my students get all enthusiastic about handmade gifts – this year we are working on some really lovely wraps and scarves.  Of course I take the opportunity to throw in a new skill.  This lovely wrap has a provisional cast on – so we can go back and add on the ruffle.  It is a really quick knit and very light and airy.  A knit kit for this will be available in my Dawanda shop next week.

wraps and cowls 8th nov 037

I am also in the process of writing up a version in Drops Alpaca Silk.  This is a super soft and elegant wrap and great value at €5.25 for 3 balls in the drops alpaca sale.  Will dash off for now to get the sample off the needles.