Test Knit – Flapping of Angels Wings


I have been lucky to test knit another of Stella Egidi’s (aka \Moody Knitter Designs) patterns.  The latest was Flapping of Angels’ Wings link: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flapping-of-angels-wings.

Stella has a great eye for details that turn a simple knit into a sublime piece of work.  This shawl has a garter stitch body with a lace border that undulates along one edge gently increasing in size as the work progresses.  Initially I really struggled with the lace repeat on this shawl but once I got my head around it I couldn’t stop.

The yarn used Drops Baby Alpaca and Silk and has a wonderful drape when knit up – I used 6 balls – 300grms.   I added an extra lace repeat and the result is a generous sized shawl.   Blocking was a 3 yoga mat job that took quite a while but well worth the effort.



Dublin has a yarn festival – this weekend saw the first Dublin wool festival and it was wonderful.  Big congratulations to all involved.

IMG_0011 (1)

I managed to spend a couple of hours there on Saturday and it was heaven , yarn fumes and like minded people, what more could any knitter want.    Determined to do minimum damage to the credit card I brought along some Scottish Sterling notes (left over from Edinburgh Yarn Festival)  that our bank did not wish to take.  Ysolda was happy to repatriate the notes for me.

There were so many talented dyers it was hard to make a choice and you could fill a van with everything that caught your eye.  I settled on two beautiful and muted skeins of sock yarn from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns – Mudder’s milk and Raincloud.  Gamer Crafting is another dyer that really calls to me – I bought two skeins of loud and vibrant sock yarn – Draoi and Michael Burnham.  Finally I stopped by This is Knit to pick up some Darnie -the new studio Donegal 4 ply 100% lambswool yarn in light blue and teal.  No plans yet on what these lovlies will grow into.

I have a have a yearning to do some fairisle and spotted the lovely Melanie Ware wearing this fairisle vest – her own design.  It was stunning – bought the pattern when I got home.   Link to Lough Shore pattern page: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lough-shore    Need to get a wriggle on and  finish two test knits so I can get started.

Melanie Ware

Fingers and toes crossed Woollin will become an annual event.

Ode to Joy – so nice I need to make another.


This lovely shawl is another test knit for Mooody Knitter Design aka Stella Egidi.  It is a perfect shape, weight and size for spring and quite a fast knit.  This is the link to the pattern on Ravelry https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ode-to-simplicity-2.

Every so often you make an item that is a perfect combination of yarn and pattern.   The yarn for this shawl was destined to be a sweater.   I visited Ginger Twist Studio in Edinbugh during the yarn festival.  I was determined to purchase a sweaters worth of something lovely.   I bought four skeins of this gorgeous Yackety Yak – 60% Merino, 20% silk and 20% Yak – it is beautiful, soft with a lovely sheen.  The colours are Selkie and It might as well be Spring.

Then Stella sent out her call for test knitters and all sweater plans went out the window.  The colours work so well in this fade pattern and used up about half of the four skeins.  I have worn it a lot since completing and have gotten lots of compliments.

The obvious thing to do with the remainder of the pattern is to make another – this time however  with the have started with the darker colour and am fading  it into the lighter this will be a gift.



Colour Affection – Edinburgh Knitting

IMG_0003 (6)When getting organised for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival one of the most important considerations is what knitting to bring.  It must be easy enough to knit and chat and not require constant pattern checking.  Some of the venues for knit nights are not well lit and several glasses would be raised so a pattern that requires minimun tinking the next day was essential.

I opted for Colour Affection –  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/color-affection.  Kathy from Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh told me this is one of the first patterns to be published on Ravelry.  With over 15, 800 projects it is very popular and having completed one I can see why.

This is an easy knit and with the right colour combination you can produce a stunning shawl that is a great size and easy to wear.  This was a quick knit – just checking my notes I started on March 10th and finished on 22nd.   Taking into account there was some festival knitting and a long weekend between those dates that is not bad.

Colour Affection is a simple garter stitch shawl with short row shaping and would be a great beginners shawl.  I was worried when knitting that it would be more scarf proportions than shawl but once I soaked it and started to block, it relaxed out to a good size.

I used a combination two shades of blue and a dusty pink – I am not a fan of pink but it worked well in this combination.   I used drops alpaca – shade 6834 that has pink and lighter blue highlights and then complemented it with shade 6309 a lighter blue and pink shade 3770.  This combination worked well together and the result was a nicely blended, warm toned, feminine shawl.

For inspiration on colours you should check out the pattern page – the possibilities are endless.

IMG_0002 (9)





Another lovely shawl from Moody Knitter Design.  Brezza (link  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/brezza-2)  is an asymetrical shawl with an interesting textured pattern.

I was delighted to test knit this lovely shawl – Stella’s patterns are well written and very easy to follow.


I used drops alpaca and some lightly spun yarn from yoeman yarns that has been in my stash forever.  Very happy with the result and this beauty has been worn a lot over the last month or two.  I took it to Edinburgh and recently to Strandhill (Sligo).  It is a firm favourite as the colour works well with my winter jacket and it is just the right size to be snuggly and warm without creating too much bulk.

Cannot post without mentioning my Costa stylist and knitting buddy Orla – thank you for photos and styling.



January was a busy month with lots happening and lots of knits finished and worn.   I finished a pair of Podster Gloves for my son.  They are a little on the big side but he is still growing and I imagine by next winter they will be just right.   The yarn was  Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima that has been in my stash for a very long time.   We were in Barcelona in All you knit is love in April 2012 when Owen picked out the yarn.

Podster is a nice pattern that is easy to follow and the result was a very nice pair of mittens.  The only down side is the amount ends to be darned in around the fingers -however if you are as terrible as I am at picking up stitches there was plenty of gaps to be filled in so it worked out well   Here is the link:  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/podster-gloves



First Project Completed 2018

This lovely pattern is Intimate Cordoba designed by Stella Egidi.  Knit in Drops Alpaca Colour 4400 Lila a rich dark purple. Available on Raverly – pattern link :  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/intimate-cordoba

This is the second test knit I have done for Stella, a very talented designer based in Rome who has fantastic selection of patterns that have been test knit by Ravelry members.

This crescent shaped shawl features two panels of garter stitch and a centre lace panel with a pretty lace border.  One of the test knitters added beads to the border, a really pretty addition to this feminine shawl.